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Passworks API supports sorting for the most common attributes via query string.

Here is an example searching for a Coupon campaign with the name equal (name_eq) to "Una Salus Victus"

GET[name_eq]=Una Salus Victus

You can ignore the trailing slash in the end of the URL.

The following predicates are also available:

Sort predicate Description
*_eq equal
*_not_eq not equal
*_match matches with LIKE, e.g. q[email_matches]
*_lt less than
*_lteq less than or equal
*_gt greater than
*_gteq greater than or equal
*_cont contains

So if you wish to search for the attribute "name" containing the word "House" you will have


Best pratices: Escaping query parameters

Don't forget to escape the URL query parameters before submiting them to the API endpoint.



Ordering attributes is also simple to accomplish see the following example ordering the created_at attribute in ascending order (asc)


To request ordering from a given attribute with a direction (ascending or descending) you need to to use the q[s]= following the attribute that you wish to order created_at following with a plus (+) signal and the direction of sorting asc or desc

So sorting the for the attribute name in descending order would be doing the following:[s]=name+desc

Sorting multiple parameters, ordering and using pagination at the same time

You can append one or more filters to the query string then event apply the desired sort and finally specify a given page to be retrieved.

See the following example filtering for two parameters "name" (equal) and "redeem_count" (equal) and then asking for the results sorted by "created_at" in descending order and finally asking for the second page (page=2) of the results displaying 4 results per page (per_page=4).

GET[name_eq]=Una Salus Victus&q[redeem_count_eq]=0&q[s]=created_at+desc&page=2&per_page=4

You can mix and match the query parameters the order doesn't matter.

Sortable endpoints

You can sort and order the attributes inside the following endpoints:

Sort campaign collection attributes

Sort passes collection side a specific campaign

Sort registrations collection inside a specific campaign

Sort redeems collection inside a specific campaign

Sort registrations collection inside a specific campaign and pass

Sort redeems collection inside a specific campaign and pass

Please replace the campaign_id and pass_id with the appropriate resource ID from your side.