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Passworks Platform has the ability to handle webhooks.

This allows you to specify an endpoint URL to be called for Pass event (the webkhook URL supports SSL if the URL starts with https, it's recommended to always use HTTPS endpoints).

Login in to the Passworks Platform and set the WebHooks endpoint / URL in the API & WebHooks menu.


The following events are monitored and sent to the the endpoint via HTTP POST:

Event name Description
created Pass was created
downloaded Pass was downloaded on the user's device
installed Pass was installed on the user's device
fetched User device fetched the pass from the server
redeemed Pass was redeemed
uninstalled Pass was uninstalled from the user's device


In each webhook POST call Passworks Platfform will send the Authorization header with your organizations API key.

The authentication is optional, you can ignore the header and accept all requests to your webhooks endpoint, but this is not recomended.

Please note that you can find your API KEY here (the API key is the value that we will be sending in the Authorization header).

Content of the webhook

The content of the the webhook payload is serialized in JSON . This means that you we send the header Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8.

Please note that the HTTP method that is going to be used is POST.

The following text is an example of the webhook payload (body of the POST):

  "event": "installed",
  "context": "pass",
  "campaign_id": "cbc3016c-4c55-4564-81e9-a21664817be2",
  "distribution_id": "723ed9c3-5909-4a12-9810-c58047d9feef",
  "pass_id": "d91aef7c-a166-4694-bb91-569714f9c33e",
  "voided": false,
  "serial_number": "9c05fa25-199b-4c5b-9242-4b42103138a7",
  "redeemed_count": 0,
  "redeemed_at": null,
  "created_at": "2016-08-10T11:29:08Z",
  "updated_at": "2016-08-10T11:29:09Z",
  "last_fetched_at": null,
  "event_at": "2016-08-10T11:30:06Z",
  "metadata": {},
  "event_extra": {
    "pass_id": "d91aef7c-a166-4694-bb91-569714f9c33e",
    "registration_id": "00f537be-f153-46ad-a980-bbddcb9002c3",
    "device_os": "ios",
    "device_app_vendor": "passbook",
    "wallet_type": "apple_wallet",
    "ip": ""

Details of the webhook payload:

Attribute Format Example Description
event String "installed" The event that this webhook refers to. It can be "created", "downloaded", "installed", "fetched", "redeemed", "uninstalled",.
context String "pass" The context for now is only "Pass", it's the events context
campaign_id UUIDv4 (String) "b6179ee0-e753-403c-b0f7-5f4818e65b02" This is the campaign_id there the passe belongs.
distribution_id UUIDv4 (String) "b792d7fa-193f-4ec7-8dc8-d3069a5b8e1c" This is the distribution_id
pass_id UUIDv4 (String) "b6179ee0-e753-403c-b0f7-5f4818e65b02"
voided Boolean (default: false) false  Indicated if the pass is redeemable, if voided user can't redeem the pass
serial_number UUIDv4 (String) "4b708882-dfd0-407f-9354-f70aa159008b" Serial Number of the pass
redeemed_count Integer (default: 0) 1 Number of this the pass was redeemed.
redeemed_at Date Time in ISO 8601 (default: null) null Last date that the pass was redeemed. null if never redeemed.
created_at Date Time in ISO 8601 (default: null) 2015-07-08T09:13:14Z The datetime that the pass was created
updated_at Date Time in ISO 8601 (default: null) 2015-07-08T09:13:14Z The datetime that the pass was updated
last_fetched_at Date Time in ISO 8601 (default: null) 2015-07-08T09:13:14Z The datetime that a device fetched the pass from the server
event_at Date Time in ISO 8601 (default: null) 2015-07-08T09:13:14Z The datetime that the event happened in the server
metadata Hash (default: {}) {} Reserved for pass metadata, usually seen when pass is generated using a query string.
event_extra Hash (default: {}) {} Internal extra arguments passed to the event on trigger.