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This file is a manually maintained list of changes for each release. Feel free to add your
changes here when sending pull requests. Also send corrections if you spot any mistakes.

## v0.7.0 (2018-11-24)

* Documentation
- Added ability to merge campaign and send push message to the customer after each pass is updated. (lmmendes)

## v0.6.0 (2017-01-11)

* Documentation
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
The Passworks API is based on a [REST]( architecture which makes Passworks API predictable and resource oriented. It uses HTTP built-in features, like HTTP authentication, HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) and HTTP response codes to allow easy access from any programming language via off-the-shelf libraries and tools.

Last updated at `January 11th, 2017` see the []( for more details.
Last updated at `November 24th, 2018` see the []( for more details.

## SDKs

@@ -277,7 +277,11 @@ message | string | Optional. Message encoded in the barcode. | Pass's redeem cod

## Updating the "Paw Planet" Coupon Campaign

Sometimes you might want to run a special campaign, and update all of your client's passes with the new conditions:
Updating a campaign is a two phase operation, first you need to update the campaign with the desired changes, and then you need to push the changes to all passes.

### Updating the campaign

Here is an simple example on how to update the `offer` and `expire` fields of the previous campaign.

PATCH /v2/coupons/{campaign_id}
@@ -352,18 +356,42 @@ Response:

Now that you've updated your campaign, all the future passes generated from this updated campaign will contain the new changes.

**NOTE:** The following instructions will reset all the issued passes to the base template, removing the personalization fields from all the issued passes.
### Pushing the changes to the passes

Now we need to push the changes to the existing passes of the campaign and if we wish we can also send a "push message" with the update at the same time.

POST /v2/coupons/{campaign_id}/merge

"push_message": "30% off for the next 3 days!"

| Field name | Type | Description | Default |
push_message | string | Optional. Text shown on the lock screen. | No message sent.

The `push_message` sent in the body of the request is optional, if you lead the body empty the passes will be updated and pushed to the users device without displaying any "push message".

The correct way of updating the already issued passes while preserving the custom fields (like the name of the pass owner, for example) is to iterate trough the issued pass collection, by collecting the ids from
`GET /v2/coupons/{campaign_id}/passes`
This request will push all existing passes once again, guaranteeing that all that have been downloaded will contain the new changes. Otherwise, there's no guarantee that the users will receive the updated pass.


Special considerations, dynamic fields values of the passes will be left unchanged by the merge, this means that the merge will update the passes with the new layout, field labels, geo-location fields, etc but will let the custom fields values untouched.

Now that you've updated your campaign, all the future passes generated from this updated campaign will contain the new changes.

and then [updating each pass](#updating-each-pass) with the fields you wish to change.

Please contact for advisement on updating a coupon campaign.
### Forcing passes sync and sending push messages

If, however any old passes that had already been generated and you wish to reset them to the new changes, you **must**, following a campaign update, issue a push POST request:
You can send a "push message" to all customers calling the "push" endpoint, this will force the customers wallets to fetch the latest version of the pass and send send an attached push message if defined.

POST /v2/coupons/{campaign_id}/push
@@ -602,7 +630,7 @@ There are two ways you can redeem a pass:

## Aditional routes available
## Additional routes available

### Get all the Coupon campaigns:

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