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How To Setup

  • Deploy this app to your heroku by Deploy
  • Set environment values
    • Detail is written on here
  • Accress to YOUR_HEROKU_APP_HOST/initialize and login with your item's owner account to authorize.
  • Set your CI config that it pushes extension zip file to POST YOUR_HEROKU_APP_HOST/release
    • sample setting is here

Require Environment Values

  • ITEM_ID: Chrome WebStore item id
  • WEBSTORE_CLIENT_ID: Chrome WebStore OAuth Client Id
  • WEBSTORE_CLIENT_SECRET: Chrome WebStore OAuth Client Secret
  • AUTH_TOKEN: Token for authorization with receive zip

CI sample settings

  • circle.yml
    branch: production
      - build_command # Build extension
      - pack_command # Zip extension directory
      - curl -XPOST -F '' -F "token=$RELEASE_AUTH_TOKEN" YOUR_HEROKU_APP_HOST/release