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Two new options: navigationContainer & paginationContainer.

Lets you optionally pass in a jQuery element - eg. $(#myPaginationContainerSomewhereElseOnThePage)

It will append the pagination or navigation to the element you pass in instead of just the slider container which is not always where you want the controls.


How to use this Navigation Container?.. i put me navigation links with the class "wmuSliderNext" and "wmuSliderPrev" .. and this not work...

This allows you to specify a container element for your slider navigation elsewhere on the page (other than the default, which is the element which you initiate wmuSlider() on).

If you dont need this, maybe just use the source on the main branch https://github.com/pastawoua/wmuSlider

otherwise, the way it works, is you pass in a jquery element (not just a class name/selector ) to use as the navigation container. eg:

   navigationContainer: $("#someElementWhereverIWantOnThePage")

wmuSlider will add the pagination links the container you pass in automatically as long as you have navigationControl: true (which is the default setting)


thanks for help!

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