A node.js module for pasting and retrieving pastes on Paste.ee
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Pastee -- A simple Paste.ee API

Node.js (Install)


  • Node.js
  • npm (Node.js package manager)
npm install pastee

Super simple to use

Pastee is designed to be easy to submit and retrieve pastes.

var Pastee = require('pastee');

var paste = new Pastee('api key or not set for public');

// Submit a normal paste
paste.paste('paste contents', function(err, res) {
	// res is a json object with "id", "link", "raw", "download" (and "key" for encrypted)

// Retrieve a normal paste
paste.retrieve('paste id', function(err, res) {
	if (err) { // Invalid paste (404)
	// res now contains the paste contents

(See example.js for more examples!)

Extra options

The following fields can be passed into an object for the first argument of paste.paste

  • paste
  • description
  • language (syntax highlighting, see the page source of paste.ee for valid options - list coming soon!)
  • encrypt (encrypts the paste and returns the randomly generated key)
  • expire (expiration time in seconds, or a Date object of when it should expire)