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Just paste it! (JavaScript adaptation of RefHeap)
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Just paste it! (JavaScript adaptation of RefHeap)

What is PasteIt!?

Pasteit! is an adaption of RefHeap by Raynes to keep his legacy going.

What differentiates it from RefHeap?

PasteIt! is written in JavaScript using express other than the original RefHeap which is based on Clojure.

Why are you guys doing this?

Since the passing of Anthony Grimes in early 2016 the RefHeap project has almost been fully abandoned and the website went offline a few weeks back. To keep the legacy of Raynes and the awesome projects he worked on we decided to create PasteIt, which is very closely modeled and designed to the original RefHeap.

Redis on Ubuntu

  • sudo apt install redis-server
  • sudo systemctl start redis
  • sudo systemctl status redis (to check if running)

redis-cli (for command-line client)

In development mode no password is required.

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