A custom Django model field that automatically archives a URL
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A custom Django model field that automatically archives a URL

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Getting started

Install this library from the Python Package Index.

$ pip install django-urlarchivefield

Add it to one of your models.

from django.db import models
from urlarchivefield.fields import URLArchiveField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    archive = URLArchiveField(upload_to="my_archive")

Saving an URL's HTML content to your storage backend becomes this easy.

>>> obj = MyModel.objects.create(archive="http://www.latimes.com")
>>> # You can do it this way too
>>> obj = MyModel()
>>> obj.archive = "http://www.latimes.com"
>>> obj.save()

The field attribute now has all the typical qualities of a Django FileField with a few additions.

# Return the URL that was originally submitted for archival
>>> obj.archive.archive_url
# Return the timestamp when the archive was created
>>> obj.archive.archive_timestamp
# Return the HTML from the archive
>>> obj.archive.archive_html

By default, the data are compressed before being saved by gzip. If you'd rather store the raw HTML set the compress keyword argument on the field.

class MyModel(models.Model):
    archive = URLArchiveField(upload_to="my_archive", compress=False)


This is a joint project of PastPages.org, The Reynolds Journalism Institute and the University of Missouri.