Ideas for a new global nav

palewire edited this page Jun 28, 2012 · 11 revisions

IMHO, PagesPages would be stronger if the design had a simple global nav that allowed you to link to all the basic crap. I guess I could put some of this stuff in a footer, but footers are kind of lame. Here's a really rough list of what I'm thinking. What say you? Go to town on this thing.

Things it could include:

  • Jump to a particular site's detail page
  • Jump to a particular date via a calendar picker
  • Link to an advanced search that would allow you combine all sorts of filters
  • Search an index of HTML page caches (after we start caching the HTML, of course)
  • Link to about page
  • Link to RSS feeds page
  • Link back to the homepage
  • Facebook button to like PagesPages as a whole
  • Link to a blog or tumblr
  • Link to API documentation
  • Link to donate money to the PastPages Preservation Fund


  • It needs to be roughly responsive
  • It needs to be slim and out of the way
  • It needs to avoid getting filled full with crap