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Accessing existing archives

The Internet Archive's The Wayback Machine

A page saved by the Internet Archive's excellent Wayback Machine can be integrated by passing its URL to :py:func:`storytracker.open_wayback_machine_url`.

This pulls down the CNN homepage captured on Sept. 11, 2001.

>>> import storytracker
>>> obj = storytracker.open_wayback_machine_url('')

Now you have an :py:class:`ArchivedURL` object like any other in the storytracker system.

>>> obj
<ArchivedURL: 21:38:14>

So, if for instance you wanted to see all the images on the page you could do this.

>>> for i in obj.images:
>>>     print i.src

A screenshot with corresponding HTML archived by can be pulled in by passing the URL from its screenshot detail page to :py:func:`storytracker.open_pastpages_url`.

>>> storytracker.open_pastpages_url("")
<ArchivedURL: 05:05:50.761287>