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Mars Rover
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Mars Rover

Application that moves a rover around Mars, which is modelled as a rectangular grid.

The rover will be giving a starting coordinate and direction it is facing.
The rover will take four commands, left, right, up and down.
On the commands left or right, the rover will rotate -90 or +90 degrees and remain in the same grid position.
On the commands up or down, the rover will move one grid position according to the rotation of the rover.
If the rover attempts to move off the grid it should stop moving.
If the rover encounters another rover in the same grid position it should stop moving before moving to the grid position.
When the rover stops moving it should log out it's final position.

Sample input:

Grid size: 10, 7
Rover position: 1, 3
Rover direction: 0
Rover input: UUULUUUUUU
Rover position: 2, 2
Rover direction: 90
Rover input: UULLLDDDD
Rover position: 9, 9
Rover direction: -90


npm install

npm test

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