The cleanest way to fill your database
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The cleanest way to fill your database


Require and add a document. The first argument is the name of the document, the other is and object with the specification of the type, the parameter for the type function and the helper function

var dust = require("../lib/dust").dust;

	"posts",	{
		title	: { type: "words", helper:"flatten" },
		name	: ["name"],
		email	: "email",
		post	: ["paragraphs", 5, 'flatten']

You can add types, the scope of the function is the helper object, so you can call any helper function from inside

dust.use("id", function(mask){
	return this.numerify(mask || "#####")

You can also add helpers

dust.helper("capitalize", function(string){
	return string.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + string.substring(1);

Same scope rule

dust.helper("flatten", function(words){
	return this.capitalize(words.join(" "));

Thats how you add 3 documents


You can default any attribute

dust.posts.add(1, {name: 'Rob'});

Thats the result

[ { title: 'In consequatur aut'
  , name: 'Rob'
  , email: ''
  , post: 'Ut consequatur aut perferendis sit voluptatem accusantium dolorem. Itaque consequatur aut perferendis. Fugit consequatur aut perferendis. Consequatur consequatur aut perferendis. Voluptatum consequatur aut perferendis sit. Tempora consequatur aut perferendis sit. Perferendis consequatur aut alias sit voluptatem. Nobis consequatur aut 			perferendis sit voluptatem accusantium. Voluptatem consequatur aut perferendis. Et consequatur aut perferendis.'

Same goes to remove, the first removes any 3 documents, the second, 1 document named Rob and the third removes all documents with name John

dust.posts.remove(1, {name: 'Rob'});	
dust.posts.remove(1, {name: 'John'});	

Finding documents

dust.posts.find() 				//all documents
dust.posts.find({name: 'Rob'}) 	//only docs named Rob

It stores in an array, but its easy to change that

var FileAdapter = new Class({
	constructor: function(name, path){},
	push: function(el, callback){},
	remove: function(number, o, callback){}
	find: function(o, callback){ }


You can also set the path of the db, if any

this.setting("dbpath", "./store");