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Growl for nodejs

lib/growl.js adds Growl support for nodejs


Growl.notify('You have mail!')
Growl.notify('5 new messages', { sticky: true })
Growl.notify('5 new emails', { title: 'Email Client', image: 'Safari', sticky: true })
Growl.notify('Show Safari icon', { image: 'Safari' })
Growl.notify('Show icon', { image: 'path/to/icon.icns' })
Growl.notify('Show image', { image: 'path/to/my.image.png' })
Growl.notify('Show png filesystem icon', { image: 'png' })
Growl.notify('Show pdf filesystem icon', { image: 'article.pdf' })


  • title
    • notification title
  • name
    • application name
  • sticky
    • weither or not the notification should remainin until closed
  • image
    • Auto-detects the context:
      • path to an icon sets --iconpath
      • path to an image sets --image
      • capitalized word sets --appIcon
      • filename uses extname as --icon
      • otherwise treated as --icon

Thanks to

- TJ Holowaychuk (js-growl - <>