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Metropolis theme of R package xaringan
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This is a theme for the R package xaringan which itself relies on remark.js to create a markdown based presentation. You can see an example of the default look of xaringan here.

metropolis theme

The theme of this repository is trying to be a copy of the metropolis theme for the Beamer class in LaTeX. However, margins may not be correct and font sizes may not reflect the original theme. Currently, the theme only supports 4:3 ratio. You can find the demo slides of the theme here.

Title slide Content slide


If you want to use this theme, you need to install R and the package xaringan


If you use RStudio, it is easy to get started from the menu File -> New File -> R Markdown -> From Template -> Ninja Presentation, and you will see an R Markdown example. Press the Knit button to compile it, or use the RStudio Addin Infinite Moon Reader to live preview the slides (every time you update and save the Rmd document, the slides will be automatically reloaded; make sure the Rmd document is on focus when you click the addin). Please see the issue #2 if you do not see the template or addin in RStudio.

Specify metropolis and metropolis-fonts in the css argument of moon_reader()

    css: [default, metropolis, metropolis-fonts]

Additional tweaks

remark.js allows to have custom macros defined at startup that simplify your life with xaringan. See this xaringan demo slide for more information.

Further information

Feel free to fork and modify this theme. Pull requests are also welcome. Also have a look at the xaringan wiki and remark wiki to know all features of this presentation tool.

The main R Markdown output format in this package is moon_reader(). See the R help page ?xaringan::moon_reader for all possible configurations.

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