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Manage delta indexes via Delayed Job for Thinking Sphinx

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Delayed Deltas for Thinking Sphinx


This version requires Thinking Sphinx 3.x (currently the edge branch) and Delayed Job 3.×.

In your Gemfile, it’ll likely look something like this:

gem 'ts-delayed-delta', '~> 2.0.1'

Or, if you’re referring directly to the git repository:

gem 'ts-delayed-delta',
  :git    => 'git://',
  :branch => 'master',
  :ref    => 'use-latest-commit-here'

And given this gem’s built for Delayed Job, we’re presuming you’ve got that set up (with the database table), and you know how to run it. This gem no longer provides a custom task for that purpose – there’s no need.


In your index definitions, make sure you set the :delta setting to ThinkingSphinx::Deltas::DelayedDelta:

ThinkingSphinx::Index.define :book, :with => :active_record, :delta => ThinkingSphinx::Deltas::DelayedDelta do
  # ...

If you’ve never used delta indices before, you’ll want to add the boolean column named delta to each model that is using the approach. It probably doesn’t hurt to add an index to that column as well.

add_column :books, :delta, :boolean, :default => true, :null => false
add_index  :books, :delta

And that’s pretty much it. Make sure Delayed Job is running, and it’ll take care of the jobs to keep your Sphinx indices up to date.

Please keep in mind that you need to run the Delayed Job workers on the same machine as Sphinx, as direct access to Sphinx files (and the Sphinx command-line tools) is essential.


This version of the gem is built for Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3.1 or newer, just like Thinking Sphinx 3.


Contributions are very much welcome – but keep in mind the following:

  • Keep patches in a separate branch
  • Don’t mess with the version number. I’ll take care of that when the patch is merged in.
  • Please write tests – currently, there’s only acceptance tests in place, because the underlying code is simple enough. If you get stuck into anything complex, unit tests are a smart move.



Copyright © 2009-2014, Thinking Sphinx Delayed Deltas (ts-delayed-delta) is developed and maintained by Pat Allan, and is released under the open MIT Licence. Many thanks to all who have contributed patches.

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