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Fluentd plugin for output to loggly
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Loggly plugin for Fluentd

With fluent-plugin-loggly you will be able to use Loggly as output the logs you collect with Fluentd.

Getting Started

  • Install Fluentd
  • gem install fluent-plugin-loggly
  • Make sure you have an account with Loggly.
  • Configure Fluentd as below:
    <match your_match>
      type loggly

or if you want to use buffered plugin:

    <match your_match>
      type loggly_buffered
      output_include_time true  # add 'timestamp' record into log. (default: true)
      buffer_type    file
      buffer_path    /path/to/buffer/file
      flush_interval 10s

Note that buffered plugin uses bulk import to improve performance, so make sure to set Bulk endpoint to loggly_url.

The xxx-xxxx... is your Loggly access token.


loggly_url the url to your loggly input (string).

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