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#BBC iPlayer programmes index

##What is it?

Is a Node/Express app that uses the BBC API to:

  • List programme titles and images
  • Paginate through alphabet letters and numbers when there are more than 20 results
  • Navigate to another letter

##How to install

Clone this repo

git clone

Go to bbc-api directory in your machine

cd bbc-api

Then install dependencies

npm install --save

##How to run the program

Once it is installed in your machine and in the bbc-api directory, run

npm start

Open a browser tab and go to


##How to run tests

To run tests you need to have the server running on localhost:3000

If it is not running, got to your terminal, open a tab, get into bbc-api directory and run

npm start

Open another tab in your terminal, get into bbc-api directory and run

npm test

##Where I struggled

Writing test in Mocha/Chai

##Fun Parts

Building the LetterList model

##Libraries used

  • Node
  • Express
  • Sass
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Request
  • EJS
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