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London General Assembly Web Development Immersive 2nd individual project
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Villarock APP


I am currently (June 2015) a student at the Web Development Immersive at General Assembly in London.

This app is our 2nd major project for the course.

The technical requirements were:

  • Use an ORM with PostgreSQL.
  • Create an API using at least 3 models and the relevant RESTful routes.
  • Include all major CRUD functions in your API/controllers.
  • Consume your own API by making your front-end AJAXY (Optional).
  • Craft thoughtful user stories for your app.
  • Use version control! Commit to git early and often and push to GitHub so you won't lose you code.
  • Test Drive your application with tests for both models & features. *Layout and style your site with clean, well-formatted HTML & CSS. You can write your own CSS or use a framework like Foundation or Bootstrap.

What it is?

I am creating this app to solve a common and frequently encountered problem, namely what :

  • What the heck we are going to eat during the week?!
  • Which recipes are we going to prepare?
  • Which ingredients do we need?
  • What do we have in stock, and what we need to buy?

Minimal Viable Product Specification:

This app will have, at least, the following capabilities:

*1. Display the days of the week.

    1. Display the recipes for every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
    1. Recipes: display the title, preparation and ingredients .
    1. Ingredients: display the list of ingredients available on the database.
    1. In stock: display the list of the ingredients available to cook.
    1. To buy: display the list of the ingredients do we need to buy.

Bonus features:

  • Add tags for weeks for season browsing.
  • Add tag for recipes for kind of ingredient e.g. meat.
  • Display the prices of the products via mySupermarket Basket API

How I did it:

First, I planned how I would nest all the resources in models and then I did the wireframes.

I wrote down this in document called pitch and I sent it to the instructors to hear about their feedback, after their approval I wrote on [Trello] ( the steps needed to complete the project.


I built all the app on Ruby on Rails, I used the Gem simple_form to help me with the creation of the objects, because I had too many problems using 2 instance variables in the built in form on Rails.

Also, I found instructions in the Ruby documentation explaining how make something called ‘enum status’ which changes the status of an object when you call the method. I implemented it on the model Meal to choose between the three different meals that you can have: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Take a look

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