Software interface to control your - for example Jarolift TDRC 08W, remote controller via the GPIO of a Raspberry PI
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Pi remote shutter controller interface

Hack for your home shutter remote control, compatible with Raspberry GPIOs outputs. This program will run a web server enabling to interface the remote with your domotic environment.

Why this project? Some manufacturers does not allow you to control you shutters using your own RF antenna, they user an hardware encryption when pairing. You don't give up and want to link your remote controller with your Raspberry ;)

Here is an example of pi remote:


Examples: open / close / stop shutters

Use those function using the following url

To open rolling shutter on channel 1 (set 1 if you've only one channel):


To stop the shutter on channel 1 and 2:


To close half way all your shutters above 4:


To open a little bit more (20%) your shutter 1:


Select channel 4 (for test purpose)


Set up

  • Install nodejs and npm on your Raspberry.
  • Clone project and edit the JSON configuration config.js to match your controller
  • Run this program as a cron
# In project folder
npm install
node ./index # works with absolute paths

You have to run this program on system start up, you can use supervisord for this or create an /etc/init.d/ daemon.

Here is my supervisord configuration for that /etc/supervisor/conf.d/shutters.conf:

command=node /path/to/project/index.js

More infos

What's included

Main options:

  • Control open/stop/close buttons + next/prev channels
  • Partial shutter opening in percent (relatively to its current state)
  • Idle timeout to reset controller to first channel
  • Allow channel selection by inc/dec or both, choose the shortest
  • Listen only localhost (in config)

If you need more features, you're the welcome to open an issue or a PR ;-)

Could be great to add a timer for instance, but it's maybe the job of your domotic environment then.

Channel configuration

If you have a controller with multiple channels, it is necessary to link at least one button on the Raspberry:

  • the next channel (next button) to increment channel pointer
  • the previous channel (prev button) to decrement channel pointer

The prev button is optional and depends of your controller, set config.gpio.prev: false to disable the prev button.

Program is compatible with unique channel, just call /1/stop

To avoid a desynchronization of the remote / PI as there are no input, an idle state is triggered after a few seconds and reset to the default channel 1.

Example of hacked remote controller

I tested this program to control Jarolift shutters with a Jarolift TDRC-08W controller (8 channels), for which I solded wires and connected them to an easy breadboard.

Every buttons need two wires, and are connected to an optocoupler. The optocoupler is linked from the GPIO to the ground of the Raspberry. You can use also transistors with adequate resistors, but an optocoupler don't need any thinking as the remote voltage and intensity is really low.

      (logical interface)

          GND   GPIO
         | ┃     ┃o|
         | ┗━|◀|━┛ |
         |    🡗🡗   |
         |  🡗    \ |
        remote button

      (switch behavior)


You can use the GPIO of the Raspberry you want, set those in the configuration: