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Patcepta is a new open source rules engine for improving patent prosecution and management through automation. Any interested party can join to help foster a new generation of IP management practices using open source software.

Unified Patents decided to work with the Linux Foundation in making the Patcepta project open source to remove critical barriers to entry that attorneys and entrepreneurs face in managing their patent portfolio. This project is the first of its kind in that it provides an open, understandable, and auditable ruleset and toolkit for enabling more efficient and innovative processes and tools for managing IP portfolios.

Software providers, law firms, and even some corporations develop their code and maintain it as the rules change, which can be expensive and repetitive. Ultimately, the goal is to foster better and more innovative patent management processes by eliminating a major barrier.

Patcepta is now an official project hosted by the Linux Foundation. It is the first legal industry codebase, open rules data, and project ever hosted by the foundation. We hope it will not only complete publishing all the United States rules and code, but there are opportunities for the open source community to add international jurisdictions and perhaps an interface down the road.”


After talking to The Linux Foundation (TLF) and a few members to gauge interest, we decided a potential course would be to help make the rules / code open source so anyone can build on top of it. In addition, having open source allows for collaboration and updates and, most importantly, allows everyone to see the code to get confidence that it is safe to rely upon.

We hope all parties interested in making patent and IP management easier evaluate and contribute to this project and help remove docketing rules as a barrier to managing their portfolio.

Those interested in becoming sponsors can reach out to

Current State

  • List of Rules - Top rules have been created.

  • Rules Engine - Under development.


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