Text::Emoticon::Unicode module for Perl 5
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    Text::Emoticon::Unicode - Text::Emoticon filter for Unicode emoticons

    This document describes Text::Emoticon::Unicode version 0.02.

        use Text::Emoticon;

        my $emoticon = Text::Emoticon->new('Unicode');

        my $msg = $emoticon->filter('Howdy :)');  # returns 'Howdy ☺'

    This is a Text::Emoticon filter for converting ASCII emoticons to their
    Unicode emoticon character equivalent. Unlike the other Text::Emoticon
    filters, this one does not use images from an external site or even use
    any HTML. Instead it replaces a series of characters like ":-)" with a
    single character like "☺".

    Currently only the Unicode 1.1 emoticons "☺" and "☹" are supported, but
    an option to enable the vast range of Unicode 6.0 emoticons will be
    added in a future version. An option to use numeric character references
    for HTML or XML will also be added, but it’s easy to use HTML::Entities
    or XML::Entities instead.

    Nick Patch <patch@cpan.org>

    © 2012 Nick Patch

    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.