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Revision history for Perl module Lingua::Stem::UniNE
0.08 2014-08-26
- Added a workaround for Perl v5.13.10–v5.16.0 bug RT#113750 which caused the
Persian (fa) stemmer to clobber $_ due to its use of the charnames pragma
which uses the buggy re pragma
0.07 2014-05-14
- Remove support for Perl v5.19.4–v5.19.11 due to Perl core regex bug fixed in
RT#121778 [issue #6]
- Integrate Travis CI, Devel::Cover, and Coveralls with GitHub repo
[issue #8], [issue #9]
0.06 2014-02-14
- Fixed fatal interpolation bug in Perl ≤5.16.x [issue #5]
0.05 2014-02-13
- Added aggressive attribute which defaults to false [issue #1]
- Added light and aggressive German (de) stemmers
- Added aggressive Czech (cs) stemmer
- Modified light Czech (cs) stemmer to also remove -ete -eti
- Restored Unicode case folding and normalization because they’re required for
proper stemming using the current regular expressions
- Removed in-place stemming of arrayrefs in favor
0.04 2013-04-26
- Moved Unicode case folding and normalization out of Lingua::Stem::UniNE and
into Lingua::Stem::Any
- Deprecated in-place stemming of arrayrefs, which will be removed in a future
release, in favor of the stem_in_place method of Lingua::Stem::Any
0.03 2013-04-12
- Fixed mojibake in the abstract of META.json and META.yml
0.02 2013-04-08
- First public release to CPAN
- Significantly improved test coverage
- Fixed Persian bugs discovered by new tests
0.01 2013-04-04
- First release
- Languages supported: Bulgarian (bg), Czech (cs), Persian (fa)
- Code reviewed and tested by Kurt Starsinic
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