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Scaling testing for Komodo platform

Prerequisities for localhost testing

  • Docker Community Edition (CE) and docker-compose must be installed
  • make sure user is member of docker group so it can execute docker commands without switching to root user

Data volume

Build images

Build the TxBlaster Image:

docker-compose build

Create custom docker network

docker network create komodo_scale

Start all containers

docker-compose up -d

The seed node will launch and listen for connections on its P2P_PORT, once the ac container has connected to the miner container, the miner will start mining blocks. On the mining of a block, the script will be called on both nodes. This will fetch start from a central website. When this file has been changed to start=1 the process begins.

First the 1 payment test is run, where a blaster is launched on both nodes.

Then the 100 payment test will be run, there the blaster on the mining node is not used.

The -ac docker container's push a JSON of basic stats to AWS DynanmoDB. example:'

{ "size": 1999005, "height": 97, "time": 1528111485, "totaltx": 8859, "ac": "TXSCL220", "mempooltx": 53053, "mempoolMB": 11 }


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