DocBook validation as console-tool, M 0.6: Refactoring for multiple Validators, Validate against DTD (DOCTYPE)
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docbookv -- DocBook Validator 0.6.0

The aim of this tool is to provide detailed information of docbook-validation-errors. The tool will be used in a PHP online editor for docbook files, for that reason it has a mode to use JSON format.

Why Java for PHP

The build-in validator of PHP 5.x doesn't tell in which line an error occurs. The validators of Java give very detailed information about errors.

What can it validate, what is planned

  • DocBook XML files until 4.x (because that have a DOCTYPE declaration)
  • Every other XML or HTML file what has a DOCTYPE declaration in the first line
  • planned: XML Schema validation for DocBook files 5.x
  • planned: Relax NG validation for a subset of DocBook


In the moment the focus is not on performance but features, the validation-process will be much faster in 1.0.0

Usage examples

    /usr/bin/ help

    /usr/bin/ manual.xml

    /usr/bin/ --json manual.xml