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$:.unshift File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'lib')
# the folder where we'll handle local, src and tmp
$base_dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)
require 'buildphp'
require 'rake/clean'
require 'rake/packagetask'
desc 'Equivalent to php:compile (requires dependencies)'
task :default => 'php:compile'
desc 'Equivalent to php:install (requires php:compile)'
task :install => 'php:install'
# desc 'List PECL or add-on modules available to install (requires PHP install)'
# task :pecl do
# puts "To install and activate any of the following modules, run `rake <module>`"
# p FACTORY['php'] { |m| m.to_s }
# end
# namespace :pecl do
# desc "Install all available PECL or add-on modules"
# task :install_all => FACTORY['php'] { |m| m.to_s }
# end"buildphp", Buildphp::VERSION) do |p|
p.need_tar_gz = true
p.need_tar_bz2 = true
p.package_files.include %w( lib/**/** * )
# clean all "tmp" files and directories in the "packages" directory
CLEAN.add(Buildphp::TMP_DIR+'/*', Dir[Buildphp::EXTRACT_TO+'/*'].delete_if { |path| File.file?(path) }.to_a)
# clean out "installed" status of PHP-FPM
# PHPFPM_INSTALL_FILE = Buildphp::EXTRACT_TO + "/#{FACTORY['php_fpm'].package_name}.installed"
# clobber all installed files in "local"