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This file contains your PayPal test account credentials. If you are just
getting started, you'll want to copy to,
and substitute the placeholders below with your PayPal test account details.
from paypal import PayPalConfig
# Enter your test account's API details here. You'll need the 3-token
# credentials, not the certificate stuff.
CONFIG = PayPalConfig(API_USERNAME = "",
API_PASSWORD = "xxxxxxxxxx",
API_SIGNATURE = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
The following values may be found by visiting,
clicking on the 'Test Accounts' navbar link in the sandbox, and looking at
the accounts listed there. You'll need a business and a personal account
created to run these tests.
# The email address of your personal test account. This is typically the
# customer for these tests.
# If you view the details of your personal account, you'll see credit card
# details. Enter the credit card number from there.
VISA_ACCOUNT_NO = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
# And the expiration date in the form of MMYYYY. Note that there are no slashes,
# and single-digit month numbers have a leading 0 (IE: 03 for march).