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Commits on Aug 11, 2010
  1. @gtaylor

    Add exception handling unit test to direct payment test suite. Really…

    gtaylor authored committed
    … important that users get a proper exception thrown so they are aware of failures in validation or processing.
  2. @gtaylor

    Cast error code as int, update comments to elaborate on what PayPalEr…

    gtaylor authored committed
    …ror exception is.
  3. @gtaylor

    Corrected the __str__ method on the standard exceptions to actually s…

    gtaylor authored committed
    …how an error message. Should be a lot more useful for debugging now.
  4. @gtaylor

    Updating old exceptions to use the new base class.

    gtaylor authored committed
  5. @gtaylor

    Get rid of the 'Error' exception class, as that is really vague and m…

    gtaylor authored committed
    …ay conflict with user classes or future Python builtins.
  6. @gtaylor
  7. @gtaylor

    Let's go with PayPalError instead of the vague and possibly name-clas…

    gtaylor authored committed
    …hing ApiError.
  8. @gtaylor

    Removing the last vestiges of the old project layout. Updating docs s…

    gtaylor authored committed
    …lightly with grammar and accuracy fixes.
  9. @gtaylor

    Having to do paypal.sdk.PayPalInterface is kind of long-handed, when …

    gtaylor authored committed
    …paypal.PayPalInterface is shorter. Nothing was under paypal's root module, so it was just needless depth. Re-org the codebase into paypal. Also did a bunch of fixing up of the unit tests. See the README file in the new tests directory for details.
  10. @gtaylor

    Lots more documentation, some more minor code cleanup. Starting to ma…

    gtaylor authored committed
    …ke more sense now.
  11. @gtaylor

    Renaming Response to PayPalResponse to be less ambiguous. Interface c…

    gtaylor authored committed
    …lass is now PayPalInterface, for the same reason. Removed a deprecated cgi.parse_qs call, replaced with urlparse.parse_qs. Python 2.6 or better is now required, also. Tests in the repo haven't been updated to reflect these changes yet, I'm working on those locally for now.
  12. @gtaylor

    Lots of commenting, PEP8 fixes (oh. my. goodness.), and very minor fu…

    gtaylor authored committed
    …nctional cleanup.
  13. @gtaylor

    Improving ENDPOINT debugging message. Wasn't really clear what it was…

    gtaylor authored committed
    … before.
  14. @gtaylor

    Adding Eclipse configs to .gitignore.

    gtaylor authored committed
  15. @gtaylor
  16. -Made compatibile with non-ascii & unicode strings; basi…

    Jonathan Vanasco authored committed
    …cally we encode everything as UTF-8 before pushing to paypal. If this is not done, then urllib fails the GET url generation.
    -Cleaned up debug printing on
    -misc other fixes
  17. misc fixes and updates

    Jonathan Vanasco authored committed
  18. initial commit

    Jonathan Vanasco authored committed
  19. Initial changes to original sdk by pat collins

    Jonathan Vanasco authored committed
Commits on Dec 29, 2009
  1. put in parentheses to make expression more clear

    Pat Collins authored
Commits on Nov 6, 2009
  1. initial commit

  2. added gitignore

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