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This script will: 

 1. download the Ubuntu 12.04 alternate server, 64bit iso
 2. ... do some magic to turn it into a vagrant box file
 3. output 


 > ./

 This should do everything you need. If you don't have 
 mkisofs, install macports, then: sudo port install cdrtools


Ben's notes

Forked Carl's repo, and it sort of worked out of the box. Tweaked 
office 12.04 release: 

 - Downloading 12.04 final release. (Today as of this writing)
 - Checking MD5 to make sure it is the right version
 - Added a few more checks for external dependencies, mkisofs
 - Removed wget, and used curl to reduce dependencies
 - Added more output to see what is going on
 - Still designed to work on Mac OS X :)
    ... though it should work for Linux systems too (maybe w/ a bit of porting)

Carl's original README

Decided I wanted to learn how to make a vagrant base box.

Let's target Precise Pangolin since it should be releasing soon, I said.

Let's automate everything, I said.

Let's do it all on my macbook, I said.