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Web Experience Toolkit (Drupal)

Ariadne cookbook

This cookbook is intended to perform the "last mile" of configuration needed to bring the Ariadne environment to a fully provisioned state for development of this install profile:

Quick Setup

If you already have an Ariadne environment configured and set up on your system, you may run the following commands to install this project cookbook and boot Ariadne:

cd path/to/ariadne
rake "init_project[]"
project=wet-boew-drupal branch=master vagrant up

When the Chef run has completed, your local site with have a username/password pair of admin/S4mpleP^ssword, and will be available at:

Full instructions for project setup are available in the Ariadne's official README.


  • This project makes use of the clean=true environment variable. To wipe the data and rebuild the site, simply run clean=true vagrant provision. (Requires at least Ariadne v1.1.0)
  • This project also makes use of the branch CLI argument, so a specific branch can be built over an existing site with clean=true branch=123-new-feature vagrant provision. (Requires at least Ariadne v1.2.0)