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A Drupal install profile attempting to integrate Drupal and GitHub.
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A Drupal install profile attempting to integrate Drupal and GitHub.


Minimum Viable Product

  • Use OAuth Connector to connect each Drupal user to their GitHub account.
  • Simulate rough features and layout of Project & Project issue tracking modules.
  • Link to GitHub issues queues.
  • Link to code on GitHub.
  • List tags on appropriately-formatted branches as releases.
  • Choose repos to list, and give each a project-type (module/theme/profile/drush).
  • Create endpoint for manual service hook to be directed at, so that the site can check for changes on push.


  • Auto-detect which repos might be drupal projects, and suggest inclusion.
  • Favourite modules using GitHub stars.
  • Tighter integration with GitHub issues.
  • Travis CI for testing.
  • Allow vote or admin privilige to set repo in network that is "official".
  • Take description from README.
  • Categorize via whitelist of hashtags in github project description?
  • Accomodate release notes with first-class git tag commit message.
  • Show all repos in network graph.
  • List open/closed issues.
  • Set up service hooks on GitHub automatically.
  • Set up queue (Redis?).
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