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A Mootools plugin that facilitates visually sorting through elements to find one of interest.
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WindowPicker is a class designed to facilitate the user visually scrolling through elements.


How to use

To make a WindowPicker that automatically targets a certain class of elements you can initialize it like this:

var picker = new WindowPicker({
    target: '.window'

From here, The window picker will automatically react to CTRL-Left and CTRL-Right keypresses. Everytime the effect is restarted the WindowPicker will rescan the page for elements that match your target class.

To spin your elements in a circle/carousel, use the transition option set as follows: var picker = new WindowPicker({ target: '.window', transition: WindowPicker.Transition.Carousel });

The WindowPicker can be run in a more manual way. To do this you must leave the target option as null (default). Please check the class source to see the full list of methods available; but you will probably find the following methods particuarly usefull: addWindow(), next(), previous(), close().



Known Bugs and Quirks

The Transition functions could use a bit of work. Caching and any kind of optimizing are missing. I've also noticed the items dont scale in a way I'd call predicatable. But it looks OK for first release and didn't want to delay.

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