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The RXMCDA library for the R statistical software allows you to read many XMCDA tags and transform them into R variables which are then usable in your algorithms written in R. The library also allows to write certain R variables into XML files according to the XMCDA standard.
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Added support for alternatives affectations with values and multiple values assigned to one category
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R Added support for multiple values assigned to one category in functio…
inst/extdata Added functions: getAlternativesAffectations, putAlternativesAffectat…
DESCRIPTION getParameters: now properly handles boolean values, returns logical v…
NAMESPACE Added function putAlternativesAffectationsWithValues.
README Added a putPointsCriteriaFunction function in the library.



RXMCDA is a package for the GNU R statistical software
which allows read and write many XMCDA tags from R. 

RXMCDA is copyrighted by Télécom Bretagne, released
under the CeCILL license (v2) and maintained by
Patrick Meyer ( 
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