NOTE: Project has moved! (See the README, below). XMCDA is a data standard which allows to represent MultiCriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) data elements in XML according to a clearly defined grammar.
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The project's reference repository has moved!

It is now hosted at

Please update your remote repositories, this repository is NOT updated
anymore and it will eventually be deleted.


The XMCDA repository contains files related to the XMCDA data standard:

 - XMLSchema contains the XML Schema of XMCDA
 - stylesheets contains css and xsl stylesheets to show XMCDA files in a web browser
 - quickDive contains a description on the use of XMCDA for beginners
 - logo contains the logo of XMCDA

XMCDA is copyrighted by the Decision Deck Consortium, released
under the CeCILL license (v2) and maintained by Patrick Meyer