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Short and memorable URLs for navigating the FIRST website
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FRCLinks takes the pain out of navigating the FIRST website. It lets you use short and memorable URLs which redirect to the appropriate pages on

For example, to find the page listing Team 254's information and past events and awards, don't visit the FIRST website and have to click through several pages and menus; instead, just point your browser to Similarly, if you want to visit Team 296's website but don't know the address, just go to

For the full list of available shortcuts, see the homepage.

Implementation Details

FRCLinks is written in Python and runs on Google App Engine. Please excuse the code mess; the bulk of it was written over the span of a few hours and I didn't really know Python when I started.


If you have a suggestion for a new feature, shoot an e-mail to Or if you have some Python-fu and are feeling adventurous, fork this project and send me a pull request.

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