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PathCheck Foundation

PathCheck Foundation is dedicated to containing Covid-19 and revitalizing the economy, while preserving privacy and individual liberty.


  1. universal-verifier-app universal-verifier-app Public

    Universal Verifier of Verifiable Credentials

    JavaScript 24 19

  2. dcc-sdk.js dcc-sdk.js Public

    Verifiable QR SDK for EU Digital Green Certificates

    JavaScript 23 25

  3. shc-sdk.js shc-sdk.js Public

    Verifiable QR SDK for Smart Health Cards

    JavaScript 5 2

  4. who-verifier-app who-verifier-app Public

    Kotlin 5 3

  5. intellij-cql intellij-cql Public

    Clinical Quality Language Plugin for IntelliJ Idea and Android Studio

    Kotlin 4

  6. trust-registry trust-registry Public

    JavaScript 2 1


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