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Added features #4

merged 2 commits into from Apr 6, 2012

2 participants

  1. The ?!: ternary conditional operator supported
  2. The ! logical not operator supported
  3. New preprocessor directive %definex. This allows convenient concatenation of pp variables to form new variable, eg:
    %define p1 aa
    %define p2 bb
    %define p3 cc
    %definex p1 %+ p2 %+ p3 value; defines aabbcc to value
    To achieve the above, the entire part after %definex is fully expanded using expand_smacro()

  4. preprocessor if directives can now be joined on the same line using {%if_dir} as an expression that evaluates to either one or zero:
    %if 1 && {%ifdef undefined_var} ; this will give 1 && 0 = 0
    %if {%ifstr abc} || {%if {%ifnstr abc} && 1}; {%if_dir} can be nested in a {%if }expression

noid and others added some commits Apr 3, 2012
noid Adding support for the {%if_dir } structure in preprocessor expression 842f269
@hyqneuron hyqneuron Adding support for ?!:, the ternary conditional operator. Works like ?:
but !? is chosen instead of ? so as not to confuse nasm(? is recognised
as a proper part of an nasm identifier). Also added the %definex
directive, the content following which is fully expanded using
expand_smacro, so that concatenation of PP variables to produce new
variable names will be easier.
%define p1 aaa
%define p2 bbb
%define p3 ccc
%definex p1 %+ p2 %+ p3 value; defines aaabbbccc to value
@cbergstrom cbergstrom merged commit 6ba25af into path64:master Apr 6, 2012
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