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#ifndef _DWF_ABBRV_H_
#define _DWF_ABBRV_H_
#include "bstream.h"
#include "dwf_spec.h"
#include <list>
class DwEntry;
class DwInfo;
class DwCUnit;
struct DwAbbrvP {
DwAttrId attr;
DwFormId form;
class DwAbbrv {
private: /* not allowed */
public: /* XXX: should be protected */
DwAbbrv(DwInfo* info);
void read(BStream&);
void dump_entry(BStream& bs,DwCUnit*);
void dump_abbrv(void);
void setid(int n) { id_num = n; }
int get_size() { return size; }
bool has_kids() { return with_kids; }
Offset get_off(BStream&, DwAttrId, DwCUnit*);
void seek_all(BStream&);
bool has (DwAttrId);
int getid(void) { return id_num; }
DwTagId get_tag() { return tag; }
bool has_sibling() { return with_sib; }
int64_t get_int(BStream&, DwAttrId);
const char* get_str(BStream&, DwAttrId);
BVector get_blk(BStream&, DwAttrId);
DwEntry* get_die(BStream&, DwAttrId, DwCUnit*);
/* scan through strings */
const char* pull_string(BStream&);
const char* pull_strp(BStream&);
void seek_string(BStream&);
/* read in one attribute entry */
int64_t scan_int(BStream&, DwFormId);
const char* scan_str(BStream&, DwFormId);
BVector scan_blk(BStream&, DwFormId);
Offset scan_off(BStream&, DwFormId);
/* seek stream over one attribute */
void seek_thru(BStream&, DwFormId);
/* calculate a form size */
int calc_form_size(DwFormId);
int calc_size();
/* scan to specified attribute, sets form */
bool seek_to(BStream&, DwAttrId, DwFormId&);
/* data members */
std::list<DwAbbrvP> data;
long id_num;
DwTagId tag;
bool with_sib;
bool with_kids;
DwInfo* dwinfo;
signed int size;
bool is_elf64;
bool is_dwf64;
typedef std::map<long,DwAbbrv*> DwAbbrvMap;
class DwAbbrvTab {
DwAbbrvTab(DwInfo* dw) : dwarf(dw) {}
void read(BStream& bs);
DwAbbrvMap* get(long pos) {
std::map<long,DwAbbrvMap*>::iterator i;
if ((i = data.find(pos)) != data.end()) {
return i->second;
return NULL;
void dump();
std::map<long,DwAbbrvMap*> data;
DwInfo* dwarf;
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