An application manage and launch PlayStation Classic games from USB storage
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BleemSync is a relatively safe way to add games to your PlayStation Classic.


  1. Overmounts portions of the PSC's filesystem to safely allow modifications
  2. Modifies the stock UI to show added games
  3. Supports multi-disc games
  4. Automatically downloads game metadata and cover art
  5. Runs on boot of the PlayStation Classic


  1. Download the ZIP file from the release page
  2. Extract the contents to the root of your FAT32 or ext4 formatted USB flash drive
  3. Name your flash drive SONY. This is a requirement.

Automatic Game Configuration

BleemSync has the ability to download game info from BleemSync Central, an online database. To utilize automatic metadata scraping, make sure your folder structure looks something like this:

            Cool Boarders.bin
            Cool Boarders.cue
            Cool Boarders 2.bin
            Cool Boarders 2.cue

On the root of your flash drive, create a Games folder. In this folder, create a folder for each game you would like to add to the system. The folders must be numbered sequentially.

Please note that it is not mandatory to have your bin/cue files named something specific. However, your cue file must reference your bin file exactly. The name of these files has no effect on the automatic metadata scraping. BleemSync will find the serial number embedded in the disc image and run it against the database.

From here, you can skip the "Manual Game Configuration" step and move onto "Synchronization".

Please at this time do not submit any issues related to a specific game not existing in BleemSync Central's database or low-quality cover images. Please use this spreadsheet for tracking missing games.

Also please note that automatic metadata scraping may not work with multi-track .bins at this time. Please follow this tutorial to learn how to make a single bin image.

Also also please note that automatic metadata scraping will not run on boot of the system as it has no internet connectivity. Please run on a desktop/laptop to use this feature.

Manual Game Configuration

On the root of your flash drive, create a Games folder. In this folder, create a folder for each game you would like to add to the system. The folders must be numbered sequentially. Each game folder must contain a GameData folder which contains a Game.ini, cover art image, pcsx.cfg, and the game's bin and cue files. A template of the Games folder can be found in the release ZIP.

A proper folder structure looks something like this:


It is recommended, though not necessary that the game's filenames use the appropriate disc ID.

The pcsx.cfg file can be copied without modification as it's the same config that is shipped with the system's games.

For each game, the Game.ini must be customized in order to be displayed in the menu correctly. The Discs value should be the name of the .cue file without the file extension. Sample:

Title=Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Multi-disc games

For multi-disc games, add both bin and cue files for each disc into the game's numbered folder and make a config that looks like:

Title=Command & Conquer - Red Alert
Publisher=Westwood Studios


Once all the games are configured, go into the BleemSync directory and run BleemSync.exe. This will generate a System folder containing the newly generated database and a script to safely mount the games. Insert the flash drive into your PlayStation Classic and then turn it on. Your newly added games should be on display.

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes a few seconds more than normal for my system to boot

BleemSync runs on boot of the system. If this is taking too long or malfunctions, simply remove the System/BleemSync folder from your flash drive.

I can't format my flash drive to FAT32 | Formatting to FAT32 doesn't let me use all of the storage available

Use guiformat.exe

My controller isn't working

Make sure your pcsx.cfg is in the game directory

I'm getting a UI error upon boot

Make sure that you unplug the power on your system before you remove or add your flash drive.

Are my original games intact?

Yes. Remove the flash drive and the stock games should be available

Can I add games alongside the pre-included ones?

Not currently.

What size does the cover art have to be?

The cover art should be square (1:1 aspect ratio). If the cover art is not square, it will be squashed by the UI as square anyway so visually it's best to pre-crop it. The system uses 226x226px images for the pre-loaded games.

My controller still isn't working

Your user data might have gotten messed up. Try going to Settings and then Initialize Console. This will wipe out any saves and save states, proceed with caution!

When I boot, I get a 001-001 error!

Make sure you have run BleemSync on your PC. This usually means the game database which BleemSync builds cannot be found.

The Sony logo appears, but then I am kicked to an error screen and that says "An error has occurred. Turn off the console, unplug the AC adapter, then turn on the console again.

On your USB drive, go to System/Preferences and remove regional.pre. If this doesn't work, start up your PlayStation Classic without your USB drive inserted, select Battle Arena Toshinden, and then unplug the machine. Plug it back in along with your USB drive and it should now boot into the menu.

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Games have to be in sequential order. This is a limit imposed by BleemSync. Further testing has to be done to see if this is a system limitation
  • Games have to be in bin/cue format. This is a limit imposed by the system's UI
  • Other regions may not be working at this time



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