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Adds WordPress shortcode `[catthumb]` to embed a thumbnail image for a category
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Category Thumbnail

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Adds shortcode [catthumb] to embed a thumbnail image for a category.

[catthumb id="CategoryID" link="true"] will find the most recent post in the specified Category with a featured image and return the thumbnail for that image. If link="true" is specified, the image will link to the category specified.

You can optionally search custom post types with the post_type attribute, and specify the thumbnail size with the size attribute. IE [catthumb id="CategoryID" link="true" post_type="restaurants" size="full"]

The plugin will only search featured images, not attached images. It will not look for images embedded in the post itself, or other attached images. If a category does not have any posts with featured images, this plugin will not return a thumbnail image, even if the category has posts with attached images.

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