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Since one of our main goals is making the configuration of appserver as simple as possible, we have decided to use annotations wherever we can. Annotations are not supported natively by PHP. Therefore, we provide annotation support via the lang package.

In addition to the usage of the application server's components, it is possible to extend your application with annotations by using the functionality we deliver out-of-the-box.

If you, for example, would like to extend the actions of the controller component in your MVC framework with a @Route annotation, you can do this in the following way.


namespace Namespace\Module;

use AppserverIo\Appserver\Lang\Reflection\ReflectionClass;
use AppserverIo\Appserver\Lang\Reflection\ReflectionAnnotation;

class Route extends ReflectionAnnotation

   * Returns the value of the name attribute.
   * @return string The annotations name attribute
  public function getPattern()
    return $this->values['pattern'];

class IndexController

   * Default action implementation.
   * @return void
   * @Route(pattern="/index/index")
  public function indexAction()
    // do something here

// create a reflection class to load the methods annotation
$reflectionClass = new ReflectionClass('IndexController');
$reflectionMethod = $reflectionClass->getMethod('indexAction');
$reflectionAnnotation = $reflectionMethod->getAnnotation('Route');
$pattern = $reflectionAnnotation->newInstance()->getPattern();

Most of the annotation implementations provided by our Enterprise Beans PSR and used for Dependency Injection, are based on the lang package.