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Demos & Sample Workflows

This page lists a number of demo workflows that you can use to get acquainted with using Pathomx for analysis. Follow the links for both the completed workflow and a step-by-step guide to it's construction and then use.

If you have suggestions for new workflows or additions to the list open an feature request via Github.

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Short Videos

  1. Monocyte differentiation to macrophage and subsequent polarization (HG-U133B). Demo analysis with a publicly available GEO dataset. Showing import and workflow construction for PCA, PLS-DA and GPML-based pathway visualisation with the visual editor. (Pathomx v2.0.0) Download Workflow - GEO dataset - GEO metadata - Glycolysis WikiPathway - Video
  2. Demonstrating analysis with the new visual editor showing analysis of multiple datasets, inline views and a number of 1D NMR processing tools.
  3. Short example analysis of 2D metabolomic data showing the advantages of reusing workflows for analysis. Complete preliminary analysis of the dataset in 1m 30s. (Pathomx v1.0.0)