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If you're having trouble getting Pathomx doing what you want or you have an idea how it can be improved, there are a number of ways you can get help.

BioStars & MetaStars

Support is available on the BioStars (bioinformatics) and MetaStars (metabolomics) Q&A sites. Post your question using the pathomx tag and it will be answered.

Mailing list

A low-traffic mailing list is available (hosted on Google Groups) for support and new release announcements.

Bugs, Issues & Suggestions

Pathomx is an open source application and uses Github (a developer community) to host the source code and track bugs and feature requests. If you have either just add it to the list and we'll work with you to resolve it.


Releases and announcements are available via @pathomx on twitter.


If you would like to get in touch directly, you can email Martin Fitzpatrick (Lead Developer) directly. Pathomx is currently a spare-time project, please bear with me.