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/* lang-options.h file for GNU Fortran 95
Copyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by Steven Bosscher
This file is part of GNU Fortran.
/* This is the contribution to the `documented_lang_options' array in
GCC's toplev.c for g95. It is included in a GCC file called
options.h (generated during configure). */
/* The N_ stuff is used for i18n. We don't need it, so I've created
in a dummy macro. */
#ifdef __STDC__ /* To be consistent with lang-specs.h. Maybe avoid
overflowing some old compiler's tables, etc. */
{ "--help",
N_("Display this information") },
{ "-v",
N_("Output namespace and code structures") },
{ "-Wline-truncation",
N_("Warn about truncated source lines") },
{ "-Waliasing",
N_("Warn about possible aliasing of dummy arguments") },
{ "-Wimplicit",
N_("Same as -fimplicit-none") },
{ "-Wsurprising",
N_("Warn about \"suspicious\" constructs") },
{ "-Wunused-label",
N_("Warn when a label is unused") },
{ "-Wall",
N_("Enable most warning messages") },
{ "-std=F",
N_("Parse an F program") },
{ "-d8",
N_("Set the default real and integer kinds to double precision") },
{ "-ffixed-line-length-80",
N_("80 character line width in fixed mode") },
{ "-ffixed-line-length-132",
N_("132 character line width in fixed mode") },
{ "-fdollar-ok",
N_("Allow dollar signs in entity names") },
{ "-ffree-form",
N_("Assume that the source file is free form") },
{ "-ffixed-form",
N_("Assume that the source file is fixed form") },
{ "-fimplicit-none",
N_("Specify that no implicit typing is allowed, unless overridden by "
"explicit IMPLICIT statements") },
{ "-fmodule-private",
N_("Set default accessibility of module entities to PRIVATE") },
{ "-fqkind=<n>",
N_("Set the kind for a real with the 'q' exponent to 'n'") },
{ "-fpack-derived",
N_("Try to layout derived types as compact as possible") },
{ "-fmax-stack-var-size=<n>",
N_("Size in bytes of the largest array that will be put on the stack") },
{ "-fbounds-check",
N_("Check array bounds at runtime") },
{ "-i8",
N_("Set the default integer kind to double precision") },
{ "-pedantic",
N_("Warn about use of non-standard features") },
{ "-r8",
N_("Set the default real kind to double precision") },
{ "-I[directory]",
N_("Append 'directory' to the include and module files search path") },
{ "-M[directory]",
N_("Put module files in 'directory'") },