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In a constant format string given to a data transfer statement, the
locus of any problems in the string isn't guaranteed to come out
right, because there is not a 1:1 correspondence between source
characters and characters in the string. This scheme totally doesn't
work for format strings that are longer than a physical line.
Fix IMPLICIT to allow forward references of derived types.
Add binary tree to SELECT statement to detect overlapping cases
Array issues in expressions and intrinsics
USE statement
Writing a module's namespace to disk
Reading symbols into the current namespace
Renaming of symbols
Resolve scoping issues
Create symbols in correct namespaces
Pointer resolution
Require intents to be done correctly
Finish resolution phase
Finish compiler side of intrinsic functions (Katherine)
Allow init exprs to be numbers raised to integer powers (negative too)
See about making emacs-parsable error messages.
Interface to code generator
Runtime Library
Known bugs:
Failure to set the expr_locus field in g95_expr structures.