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How to compile G95 with GCC
G95 now includes code to interface with GCC for code generation.
First you need to get a copy of the GCC source tree. G95 uses SIMPLE
trees, so you'll need tree-ssa-20020619-branch from GCC CVS.
$ cvs -d login
(no password)
$ cvs -z9 -d co -r tree-ssa-20020619-branch -D 1/4/2003 gcc
G95 requires the GMP library (v3) for its internal numerics.
Configure it and build it.
Create $GCC_SRC/gcc/f95/ and copy all the g95 files into it (or
symlink it). Apply the gcc_config.patch to the top-level gcc source
The patch changes gcc's, so cd to '$GCC_SRC/gcc' and run
'autoconf' to get a new configure script.
cd to $GCC_SRC and Configure GCC as normal with the arguments:
--enable-languages=c,f95 --with-gmp-dir=<top level GMP directory> --disable-shared
Don't use the G95 configure system.
Configure and build the runtime library in g95/runtime. This leaves
libf95.a in the top level directory.
When using 'g95' to link programs the runtime libraries must be linked
in. Use -L <dir> -lf95 and possibly -lm. Proper installation coming
To compile Fortran 77 source with g95 you need to specify -x f95,
otherwise g77 will be used. This will generate "Fortran compiler not
installed on this system" if you did not compile g77.