What is current state of pscnv #7

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jyizheng commented Dec 8, 2012

Hello, everyone

How is the development of this project going? Is there still any body writing and maintaining the code?
What is the relationship or difference between pscnv, nouveau and gdev ?

Thank you for you attention.


cbergstrom commented Dec 8, 2012

#1 This is an issue tracker - For conversation starters please use #pathscale on irc
#2 Maintenance is in-between engineers right now. We expect someone to takeover responsibility next year (However anyone from the community is welcome to contribute)
#3 There's no formal relationship between pscnv and the other projects

Do you need compute and support for Tesla cards?

@cbergstrom cbergstrom closed this Dec 8, 2012

jyizheng commented Dec 8, 2012

What you mean by saying "compute and support for Tesla cards"?

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