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Tools for the Reverser

Most of the tools a pscnv/nouveau dev need are stored in the [envytools repo|].


  • demmio -- reads a raw mmio trace and turns into something way more readable.
  • dedma -- reads a renouveau or valgrind-mmt trace and decodes the methods.
  • headergen -- generates C header files with macros for registers/methods.
  • nvbios -- Parses a vbios and show useful information out of it. Meant for vbios developers.
  • envydis -- disassembler for various ISAs embedded in nvidia GPUs
  • envyas -- assembler for the same ISAs
  • nvalist -- list nvidia cards in the system
  • nvapeek -- Read the value of a register
  • nvapoke -- Write a value to a register

The dependencies of these tools are: libpciaccess, libxml2, flex, bison, cmake (you will also need the -dev packages).


  • vbtracetool: A tool to extract your vbios.
  • nvclock: A tool to get and set various information (often related to PM). There may already be a package provided by your distro.