TODO for newcomers

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TODO for newcomers

Interested in starting hacking for nvidia cards? Here is a list of small tasks to get you started.

Please consider read the Introductorycourse we are writing.

Documentation & Communication

Our documentation effort for end-users nears 0. This can be easily explained by the lack of man power.

We need people motivated, dedicated, with a sense of responsibility and initiative.

Basically, this is the level 1 on nouveau involvement's scale. Almost everyone motivated can suit our needs :)

Here are ideas of the kind of tasks one can do:

  • Issue new TiNDC(The irregular Nouveau Development Companion). The last one dates back to March 2011.
  • Tidy-up the wikis
  • Write wiki pages on how to test things
  • Write scripts to automate some testings
  • Answer basic questions on IRC
  • Try to get useful bug reports from users
  • Request vbioses and meaningful data from users, sort the answers
  • Gather all the docs we have and put it in one place.

Possible mentor: mupuf


To help us writing some code,

  • Provide sysfs hooks for power management. Possible mentor: mupuf.
  • Improve and debug power management. Possible mentor: mupuf.
  • Gallium 3D: If you know about compilers and OpenGL, please drop in here! Possible mentor: (ask mupuf)
  • GPGPU: Implementation of OpenCL. Possible mentors: mupuf.
  • Improve our lockup discovery, report and maybe recovery. Possible mentor: mupuf (with the help of the Ubuntu X team).

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering may sound difficult, but some tasks really are trivial, we'll list them first:

  • Improve the current temperature vbios parsing. Possible mentor: mupuf.
  • Find where is the max brightness in the vbios. Possible mentor: mupuf
  • --- Giant leap in difficulty here, but if you are interested, you should be able to help ---
  • MPEG4 hw video decoding. Possible mentors: mlankhorst, mupuf
  • Reverse engineering of any of the execution engines (like PFIFO, PGRAPH, PCRYPT, PVP, PBSP, PPPP or PCOPY). Possible mentor: mwk.
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