mwk todo

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mwk’s own todo. Thrown onto wiki since two previous TODOs on my disk were hit by stray rm rays.

– error/interrupt reporting
– fix PGRAPH kickoff
– fix PFIFO kickoff
– make sure kickoff works when there are pending interrupts
– timeouts
– 100c80/0 fix on NV86 [and others?]
– merge NVC0 branch
– suspend

– DMA_SEMAPHORE object verification
– 400400 range
– compression
– figure out the access bits in PT/DMAobj
– where’s PFIFO endian switch?
– figure out the PGRAPH switcher craziness
– look at the PM counters
– make script for grctx demagicing – too many missed fields, esp. on later cards

– figure out all the VM bits
– figure out enough of PFIFO to implement in pscnv

PDAEMON: finish disasming NVA5 code, dump and disasm NVC0 code
– find someone with NVAF, dump codes and look at 1c1xxx engine
– disasm all the simple engine codes
– 104xxx seems like a simple nice engine – maybe implement it first as a proof of concept?
– figure out flag behavior on ih entrance

– fuc+728: what are the remaining bits for?
– where is channel set in TP
– figure out strand commands